10 Years Ago Today

10 Years Ago

-Alyssa Magnusson, FIKISHA Co-founder

May 28, 2009: A group of 13 students and one professor from Concordia University were boarding a plane, not sure what the next 2 months would hold, but holding a strong desire to know how God worked around the world and to serve in love.

We knew the trip would be life changing. We knew we would see unforgettable things, share moments that would shape our hearts. No one could have foreseen a decade later, everything God would do.

From the moment we walked into the church grounds in Kawangware there was a special connection. Our team learned of the plight of street youth living in the slum. Alone in life clinging to a brotherhood, hungry and numbing the feeling with glue. Exposed to the elements, along with danger. Lacking basic needs we take for granted, as well as the valuable understanding that they are each loved and cared for.

In this condition, even churches wouldn’t accept them. Suspecting them as thieves, and fearing their way of life, street youth were shunned from what they needed most.

Thankfully, God had been working on the hearts of some young men at a church in the heart of the community. When asked the question, “Who in our community would Jesus reach out to?” It was answered, the street boys. This love meant opening the church doors and even giving of church funds to share breakfast with them every Sunday. When we saw this in action during our trip (a few years after it’s inception), we knew they were a special group.

Meeting them and sharing a meal led to a radical choice to keep our lives intertwined for the foreseeable future. (check out the origin video!)

Issac started school 10 years ago, and has been followed by over 50 other homeless youth-turned scholars. Countless others have come for rehab, a shower, a meal, a Bible study, or just to talk. The doors to the church are still open and they find love, hope and healing.

This year, as we remember 10 years of service, we want to extend our deepest gratitude for being a part of transformation in each heart.

Your prayers, gifts, wisdom, advice and care has shaped the FIKISHA Family. We are
for your place in the journey.