New Challenge for FIKISHA Club

Students at Keds Care participating in “FIKISHA Club”.

A New Challenge for the FIKISHA Club

– Moses Aboka, Co-Founder, Mentor, Operations Director
We’ve been holding Velocity/FIKISHA Club at Keds Care Community School for the last five years. Keds Care Community School is situated in the midst of Kawangware Slum with the students coming within the expansive neighborhood. Like any other at risk neighborhoods, these students at Keds Care face the same life struggles and pressure. Each week on Wednesday, our team of volunteers and staffs head to the school to hold mentorship and life skills discussions with the students.
At first we discover that they have some issues that they can’t speak about either with their teachers or families back at home. It’s during such moments that we offer them the best environment to open up, speak up and look towards a brighter future together.
Earlier this year when we held a meeting with the school about starting a new class. The School Principle was nervous and excited at the same time, by letting us know that there’s a special class that they would like us to consider. He looked worried and optimistic at the same time; this left us guessing what could be wrong. He then went ahead to tell us of some Class 6 (6th Grade) students who had been having issues with discipline. They were the most notorious when both at home and at school. We agreed and committed ourselves to work with the class, but at the back of our heads we knew that it will be a mountain to climb.
We later went to the class, met the students but they didn’t look excited to see us. Some bowed their heads almost the entire season. Four months down the line and things have been promising. When we went back to the same class after the long holiday break, we were greeted with applause and cheers. Their class teacher, who always joins all of our sessions, is one of their favorite now as they kid and enjoy one another.
The percentage of those who don’t do their homework has reduced significantly. It’s easy to tell that the program has enabled them to be well connected to their teachers, families and their future as well.
We are so grateful for the local and international support that makes it possible to visit this school each week! Community contributions and wonderful volunteers give many students the opportunity to grow into leaders!