Street Scholar Fund

Street youth have…

  • No family
  • No food, water or clean clothing
  • No education
  • No means to take care of themselves
  • No one to take care of them

The Street Scholar Fund connects street youth to…

  • Supportive mentors and friends
  • Basic necessities
  • Primary through secondary education
  • Skills to change their futures
  • Loving community

We want to provide street youth with the families they don’t have—families who will be committed to praying for them and sacrificing of themselves to help meet their daily needs.

A FIKISHA Family can be…

  • an actual family
  • a class of students
  • a youth or small group
  • a church congregation
  • a sports team
  • a business
  • a group of friends
  • or even an individual!

FIKISHA Families are committed to…

  1. Financing a Street Scholarship ($1200/yr)
  2. Praying for their Street Scholar

A Street Scholarship gets the street youth into a boarding school which provides them with an education, a place to sleep and 3 meals/day.

The gift of education is a tangible way to change a street youth’s life forever.

If you’re interested in becoming a FIKISHA Family, feel free to subscribe to one of the three monthly donation options below ($20/month, $50/month or $100/month) or email for more information.

Donation Options