Cake Affair

Cake Affair

It was a cake affair at the FIKISHA Rehabilitation Program.

When you were young, can you remember how special your birthday was? The beauty of birthdays is often lost by failing to cherish the joys of things as ordinary as cake. For many of the young people we meet through FIKISHA, the very concept of a birthday has been forgotten. However, we believe in the power of birthdays to spread instant joy. We believe this because of this story from a FIKISHA volunteer named Tula.

Tula celebrated her birthday this year with the boys from the Rehabilitation Program. Spending it with these boys was delightful for us all. Most of them had forgotten the very concept of a birthday and had lived most of their lives without the simple pleasures of this day like birthday cake. So, for Tula’s birthday, we celebrated with cake and community.

Everyone who came to the celebration forgot their troubles, even if only for an hour, and were transformed into joyful individuals. There is nothing like a yummy cake, great company, amazing stories and laughter to make a dull day come alive.

Thanks to Tula, and her lovely family, the boys were treated to a day full of love, games, food and laughter. The boys were told over and over again to dream big, because their dreams will take them to amazing places. The boys learned never to be afraid of bettering themselves, and that God will always look out for them.

Tula, we thank you and we wish you the very best out of life.