July 14, 2012

Our Story

It started with Isaac.

Eleven years old, he had been living on the streets of a Nairobi slum for almost two years. His drunken stepmother kicked him out and told him not to return home. His reality became violence and struggle.

A team of traveling college students found him among a group of drug-addicted, homeless teens during an outreach event. They bonded with Isaac, discovering his painful past and deplorable present. Small and out of place, they knew his future wasn’t a bright one.

Led by Christ, they acted. They walked alongside a local church. They paid for boarding school.

Christ gave him love, and they gave him the opportunity for a future.

Knowing Isaac would spend his nights in a bed brought rejoicing. It also brought the conviction that they couldn’t just stop at one.

Not One Unknown to God

Homeless children are the result of many factors of poverty including endless broken homes, widespread disease and lack of education. This leaves many children completely alone, out of school and struggling for the most basic human needs of food and shelter. With no hope and no options, they do whatever they can to survive. Most never leave the slums where drugs, violence, rape, and police brutality become ever prevalent the longer they remain on the streets. Under these conditions, average life expectancy drops to a mere 25 years.

We work with those whose need is the greatest—street youth 5-25 years old. Many can’t even remember life before the streets. To the world, they are the orphaned, the fallen-through-the-cracks, the runaways and the hopeless. But to God, they are adopted children, in need of being lifted up out of despair and given the chance to fulfill their purpose. Our call is to care for them—the least of these.

“Defend the poor and fatherless:

do justice to the afflicted and needy.” Psalm 82:3