August 1, 2012

Our Team

Meet FIKISHA Kenya!

Our staff serve as professionals as well as mentors, serving with all they have to befriend those in need and be a source of comfort to the hurting. Our team multiplies  their effort by enabling volunteers and partners.

Moses [Operations Director]

Moses enjoys art, reading, and traveling. He also loves his wife and 2 sons very much.

Barrack [Community Outreach Director]

Barrack is fun, loving and understanding. He enjoys listening to music.


Francis [Executive Director]

Francis (aka Frank) enjoys making friends, traveling, and futbol.



Our USA Team exists to constantly lift up our team in Kenya. We are volunteers who believe that love changes lives.


Sam is a dreamer. He loves his wife, playing guitar and learning new things. He believes in changing the world—today.


Alyssa loves being part of the FIKISHA Family. She very much enjoys coffee and nature.