August 1, 2012

Our Team

Meet FIKISHA Kenya!

Our mentors are serving with all they have to befriend those in need and be a source of comfort to the hurting.

Moses [Operations Director]

Moses enjoys art, reading and traveling. He also loves his wife and son.

Barrack [Mentorship Coordinator]

Barrack is fun, loving and understanding. He enjoys listening to music.

Mercy [Programs Manager]

Mercy enjoys having fun, cooking and being part of the FIKISHA team.

Francis [Executive Director]

Francis enjoys making friends.

James [Communications Manager]

James is an academician. He likes watching movies, telling stories and teaching.


Sam [Executive Director]

Sam is a dreamer. He loves his wife, playing guitar and learning new things. He believes in changing the world—today.

Alyssa [Creative Director]

Alyssa is a YHWH followin’, flip-flop wearin’, globe-traipsin’, coffee-drinkin’, community-desirin’, book-readin’, board game-playin’, curly-haired people lover.

Jessica [Administrative Director]

Jessica is a believer, wife, mom and teacher. The out-of-doors, family and great literature are among her favorite pursuits.