Spreading the Love with Teen Girls

Spreading the Love with Teen Girls When beautiful hearts come together great things are bound to happen. At the beginning of April, we held a special event at Dagorretti Girls Rehabilitation Center. Normally the team visits 1-2 times per month for games, mentoring, and group discussions. This special day brought a buzz of activities-Food, laughter and[…]

Camp Transformations

Update from Moses, our Communications Director That guy beside me (Mwangi) had lived on the streets for quite a long time. He had abused most of the drugs substances, slept outside in the cold for years, fought some war to save himself and install his authority within his gang. Last year November after #FIKISHACamp his main goal[…]

FIKISHA Velocity

FIKISHA Velocity

FIKISHA Velocity Our mentorship program for schools dubbed ‘Velocity’, takes place every week at local community schools. The idea is to impact the children between the ages of 12 and 15 by teaching life skills that are not taught in the school curriculum.  The lessons complement the day to day subjects that are taught. The[…]