7 Years Later

We can’t talk about patience without mentioning this great man. 10 years ago when FIKISHA was starting, we met a chicky and tricky young boy called Daniel. He was full of life, always laughing and always running around. He was so good in football and every minute you spent with him, he would leave your ribs cracking from laughter. He was one of those boys that you’d love instantly.

Despite his happiness and joy, Daniel had some low moments whenever we would be closing programs, the thought of going back to the streets, always brought him sad moments.

His sadness made us to make a decision and take him in as a scholar. But he didn’t make it through; he relapsed in between and went back to drugs, left the warm bed and went back to sleep out in the streets. We couldn’t understand him, but at the same moment we respected his decision and continued loving him even more.

Seven years later during our annual camps, Daniel surprised the whole team. He stood and said that he wanted his life to be changed and transformed; he was tired and wanted to remain just as clean as he was during the Camps.

Since he couldn’t go back to normal school, we placed him on a tuition centre while at the same time he was learning mechanic as an apprehentice. There has been a lot of transformation and growth in him. Daniel is also an active youth member of Kawangware Lutheran Church.

Join FIKISHA on 29th November as we will be celebrating #10YearsOfTransformation by hosting #LoveYourCityDinner