FIKISHA’s 10 Year Anniversary Celebration: Love Your City Event

10 Years of Seeing God Transform Outcasts

10 years ago, a light of hope was lit in the Kawangware community in Nairobi, Kenya.  Within a dangerous, growing slum housing hundreds of thousands of people in tin shanties, God raised up a group of leaders from within the community to incarnate hope.  These young men and women overcame their own traumas and high risk pasts after experiencing the hope of Jesus and then turned to share it with “the least” in their community.  In Kawangware, these “least” are street youth. Tossed aside, outcast and hated, young people living on the streets are seen as dangerous and despicable. Especially the boys. They collect recycling to try to get a little money, and sleep outside, sniffing glue to stave off hunger pangs. They are also humans, who have never been shown they have a purpose. They have a bad reputation, and maybe they deserve it, but with the help of Christ, their lives are touched by friends who can see past it.

This light continues to shine and bring hope to many in Kawangware. This journey has created a global community including the FIKISHA team and volunteers in Kawangware, partners across Nairobi and partners like you here in the United States. The life changing way that this collaboration continues to grow after ten years is proof in itself that God is in this work.

10 years of…

  • Watching God transform of hearts and lives of former outcasts
  • Seeing God provide in miraculous ways
  • Seeing smiling faces of 58 kids going back to school
  • Hugging relatives of more than 150 street youth as they take them back into their homes
  • Hearing stories of kids like Victor and Beatrice who know the FIKISHA team is their family.
  • Witnessing God’s hand in the lives of children and families we love

We have much to thank God for. And we want to thank each of YOU who has given from your heart to walk this journey with us.

FIKISHA’s 10 Year Anniversary “LOVE YOUR CITY” Event

It’s been a decade of growth and transformation! This is a result of loving the city  –  this has taken shape as our team providing mentorship, scholarships, and encouragement, to street youth and the entire community of Kawangware. We are celebrating but also recognize there is much left to do!

Attend and be part of the solution!  All proceeds will go toward street youth rehabilitation and community development.

  • Specifically, through the dinner we will:
    – Provide 4 boys with 2 years full scholarships into any vocational training of their choice.
    – Create a micro business which will support two boys with income, while supporting the organization from excess proceeds.

As hurting youth grow and thrive, their communities will rise and develop. We believe Loving Your City will change the world.

Want to join us in Nairobi?

Can’t make the trip to Kenya? That’s ok, our team would like to invite you to be a part of the evening

We invite you to purchase a ticket to NOT COME to an unforgettable evening together.  Rather than dressing up, getting a bunch of shots and traveling for hours in a cramped plane, we invite you to participate from home by watching a digital stream.  You can join us by donating and receiving an Attend Abroad ticket which will grant you access to a special link to allow you to be a part of the event right from the comfort of your own home!

Cost:  Give what you can. Donate what you would spend if you went to a gala and bid on a bunch of stuff!  We are hopeful to raise as much as possible to help us fund our next year but giving any amount will result in:

  • We’ll get you a recording of the event so you can watch it by that Friday evening PST.
  • We’ll send you a commemorative ticket.
  • You’ll also be recognized and thanked at the event in Nairobi!