#GivingTuesday AKA Hero Day

How do you recognize a hero? If there is one thing we know about heroes, it’s that heroes GIVE. Heroes are considered heroes because they put the needs of someone else before their own. These actions are looked upon by the world and as a people, we are amazed at the strength strength and bravery displayed. 

And there’s one thing we know about FIKISHA-FIKISHA is a group of heroes. Giving is at the core of what we are about. This group of heroes has a giving heart to share love with youth on the street. This group gives time to build relationships with trust. It also gives of resources to share educational opportunities. It gives time to pray and encourage. 

This group of heroes includes you! 

We Need More Heroes

James and Vic spend their days collecting metal to turn in for enough money to cook a simple meal. Mentors from FIKISHA have become close to them and were invited into their "kitchen". They live on the street, but attend our Rehabilitation Program twice each week. Without FIKISHA, they wouldn't know how much they are cared for or have hope that things can change.

Be a Hero Today! Give, Share, Pray!

One Reason to give: Show love to kids who are alone on the streets!
One Reason to give on Giving Tuesday: ALL DONATIONS ARE DOUBLED!

Join our "Army" of Heroes

Those who pray weekly, give monthly, and encourage weekly Learn more or invite a friend!

Today is about GIVING! That includes sharing! Give your friends an opportunity to be part of something so special!