I Want to Be a Pediatrician

I Want to Be a Pediatrician

Growing up on the streets, the journey towards a better life seems like a far-fetched dream for many youth children. Most street youth can only aspire and trust God to do the rest.

For Esther Njeri Wambui, her dreams are now closer to reality because of her opportunity to pursue an education. Esther, who is just sixteen, started her journey with FIKISHA five years ago. She has been a FIKISHA scholar ever since. Before she joined the program, although she wanted to learn, her hope of ever getting the basic education required was absent because of her life situation.

Having the opportunity now to go to school, Esther has been transformed into a new person, full of hope and life.

She wants to be a pediatrician, and through this, Esther desires to help children stay healthy. Ether knows that education is the key to her success and so she continues to excel further in school every day. Chasing her dreams will be her way of giving back to the community that has stood with her throughout the transformation of her life.

FIKISHA is so proud of Esther’s trust in God’s path for her life and continues to support her in her ambition.