Love From The Community

Serving Food

Love From The Community

It really feels great to receive a gift especially when you need it the most. The Office of the Governor of Nairobi County kindly donated food to the Fikisha family.

It was a momentous occasion as the children from the rehabilitation program were there to receive the food. The food donated will go a long way to helping the rehabilitation program continue its work in the community.

It was not just about the kind food donation but also about the recognition of the work Fikisha is doing in the community. When you give in any form, it will come back to you in different ways. Love and generosity have a way of transforming the lives of everyone around, both the giver and the receiver.

Talks for future collaboration with government agencies in Kenya about the plight of the street children and how to better serve them are now underway. 

The government has a department that deals with issues related to the rights and provision of basic services to street children.

True the adage that says, “Someday all the love you have given away will come back to you and it will finally stay.” 

The Fikisha family can only say thank you and may God continue to bless the entire community.