What is Love Your City?

Boy With a Ball transforms communities by equipping and unleashing the young people within them. 

The approach is called Love Your City. It’s happening around the world, with our FIKISHA Team in Nairobi, and, it can happen in your city too.

It all makes sense in this video:

FIKISHA is working to help street boys escape the streets to reach their dreams and we utilize Love Your City as a way to mobilize young people to reach these boys as well as to reach into the neighborhoods where they live.  We believe that as we see the whole community transform, these boys will rise and many families will grow so that fewer and fewer children go to the streets.  

FIKISHA is part of a membership organization, or team of teams, doing this same kind of work across the globe. We believe we are better when we are learning and growing around others who are passionate and talented at doing this same work in their countries across the world.

This team of teams includes member organizations, local churches, local businesses, and individuals across the world who partner together to help young people rise out of difficulties to reach their dreams. Boy With a Ball currently works in Atlanta, San Antonio, and Boston, as wells as Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Kenya, and Nigeria.