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    • Meet Johnny February 22, 2013
      Reblogged from The Making of FIKISHA: Meet Johnny. Johnny is a street youth participating in FIKISHA's Program Days. He doesn't know anything about his family or even how old he is. He started living on the streets when he was a little kid. He also began using drugs then. He sleeps on the streets. He […] […]
    • Untitled February 15, 2013
      Kenya is estimated to host more than 300,000 children and youth on the street who engage in survival tactics that endanger their well being and that of the society. “Most of them are abused neglected exposed to criminal and gang activities suffer poor health due to  lifestyles and exposure to harsh environment,drug and substance abuse […] […]
    • Let’s Pray for Johnny January 12, 2013
      Meet Johnny, of all the streetboys that we are working with at FIKISHA,Fikisha Kenya he’s the most affected one. According to his friends he started using drugs when he was 6. He doesn’t know his age, doesn’t know his parents names, where they are or where they went. he can’t even tell if he has ever had […] […]

    • New Year- New Opportunities January 16, 2014
      Hi friends! Over the past few months and years, a lot has gone on in the world of FIKISHA. There’s been a lot of learning, and tons of growth. So for 2014 here are a few recaps to make sure that you are all caught up on what is going on. In August, VBS happened […] […]
    • Pizza Party in Kenya December 11, 2013
      FIKISHA and some friends from the US got to share a pizza party this past October!! We would like to thank our generous donors who helped to make this possible! […]
    • Project Invite Hope October 23, 2013
      Hello Friends! If you haven’t heard, FIKISHA was recently awarded a Burst Grant from Wheat Ridge Ministries. This grant comes as such a blessing as it will be used to spark the Invite Hope Project, a program that is focused on starting a small business that will help out the street youth. The business will […] […]
    • Prayers for Nairobi September 23, 2013
      Dear friends, Today’s blog is written with a saddened heart. As many of you are aware, on September 21st 2013 the Westgate Mall in Nairobi was a source of attack for a terrorist group. If you would like more information about the specifics this link has a good timeline for what happened. http://abcnews.go.com/International/kenya-mall-shooting-timeline-events […]