On the Trail: The Stories They Tell

On the Trail: The Stories They Tell

Late last month Sharon Kisawa went out with fellow classmates to film a documentary titled “Looking for Sunshine,” which highlights the plight and success stories of Kenya’s street children.

The film crew first met up with Isaac, a high school student who used to ply the streets of Nairobi for nine years. Issac, about to start his daily classes at Dagoretti High School, shared stories of life on the streets. He shared his past struggle with drugs and coping with life. Now in school, he insists that education has rescued him from a life of misery and untold dangers.  

Next, the crew met up with Kadenge, a former street child. Kadenge is now married and works at the Prince of Peace School in Nairobi as a cook. When on the streets, he became involved with a rescue program run by FIKISHA and was able to build himself a better life.

Another street child, Robin, is still struggling to get out of the streets. He comes to FIKISHA every Tuesday and Friday to eat, wash and take part in the drug recovery program, but then goes back to ply his trade on the streets.

Moses, FIKISHA’s Communications Director, explains that “This is usually [a result of] the fact that most of these children are toughened by the streets. It’s like home to them and getting them out of there is difficult.”

Last, Perris is a 13 years old orphan that had been on the streets for nine years before being rescued. She now attends school at the Jagiet Academy in Nairobi and lives with an individual who rescued her from the streets. Perris tells us that she would never wish the life she had on the streets to anyone. She is grateful for the life she is building now.

Isaac, Kadenge, Robin and Perris are but just a few of the faces that represent the struggle as street youth to stay afloat amidst crisis. Every child’s story is a different, but all search for support and community. As we walk with these youth through FIKISHA, we focus on support, development, love and prayer.

“For that is what God is like. He is our God forever and ever, and he will guide us until we die,” Psalm 48:14.

Story by Sharon Kisawa, FIKISHA Volunteer.