Powerful Reconciliation, Love Your City at Work

Joseph (right) stands with his mother (center) and his mentor, Max (left)

Transformative relationships are developing in Kawangware on a daily basis. Each person has a different process, and a different fight, but our team is here to walk with young people, families and neighbors through whatever it is. For many street youth, this fight is for family connection that has been lost. 

A powerful step we sometimes get to be a part of is family reconciliation, and whenever this happens, our hearts are filled with deep gladness and gratitude. Last month, our friend Joseph made it back home. Starting with his decision to walk with Jesus at camp about 18 months ago, this young man’s life has completely changed. Joseph was completely free of his drug addiction shortly after and kept regular meetings with mentors to keep making positive steps toward his future. 

He had been out of contact with his family for more than 3 years and there were difficult hurdles to overcome. His father had an alcohol and anger problem that led to Joseph running away and finally deciding to end contact  a few years ago. His FIKISHA mentors have been facilitating conversations between the two of them the past few months and reconciliation was found! In September our team made a journey to reconnect him with his family (pictures of their reunion below).

Joseph is back home! His family is finding healing and they don’t want to lose each other again. The team is still keeping regular follow up and calls to keep the relationship It was a joyful moment to see this family together again, the kind that reminds us that God is the author of reconciliation and healing.

Please continue to pray for Joseph and his family!