November 25, 2013

Invite Hope

Invite Hope

Invite Hope is an entrepreneurial initiative that gives apprenticeships to street youth.  The youth work under a mentor to create beautiful paper from recyclable materials.  Not only are they producing an environmentally conscience craft, they are creating a better future for themselves and their community.

You purchase invitations that:

  • are unique art
  • renew resources
  • speak of your integrity

Youth receive:

  • valuable professional experience
  • education and financial training
  • and options for a future to break the cycle of poverty

Our Product

Invite Hope Apprentices (former street youth) create beautiful, hand-made paper from recycled materials in the area. The paper is made in a sustainable manner, using no electricity and wasting almost nothing.  Any dyes used are all-natural.  Necessary materials are bought locally in Kawangware whenever possible. That paper is then turned into wedding invitations and cards sold worldwide.

Your invite graphics will be custom designed with your information.  Once design and proof are finalized, the process takes about 4-6 weeks (mostly shipping time).  Please contact with any questions or to order non-invitation cards!

Invite Order/Inquiry Form       Invite Sample page and Key

Thank you for considering Invite Hope for your wedding invitations!

Our Inspiration

One of FIKISHA’s main goals is to transform marginalized youth into independent contributors of society.  Through the hope of the gospel and practical vocational training, we seek to build up strong men and women who will have stable families and will be in a position to inspire others.  Though FIKISHA is not a product-based organization, Invite Hope addresses the need for a job and life skills training for individuals over 18 years old. Invite Hope will open doors for the apprentices and benefit FIKISHA as a whole.

Paul, Frank, Francis and Arnold in their new apartment

Currently we have 2 apprentices,  Francis and Arnold, who work with FIKISHA mentors Tony and Paul to complete Invite Hope projects and learn about life.  They are now enrolled in tutoring and live in the Invite Hope Apartment.

Francis lounging on his new bed!

Francis lounging on his new bed!

A little about Francis:  Francis Gichuchi lived on the streets of Nairobi. After dropping out of school in 4th grade, Francis later trained in jewelry making and tae kwon do. He has been active at his church through FIKISHA for several years and is usually seen cooking and cracking jokes around the church compound during FIKISHA program days. Francis’ hobbies include soccer and dancing. Through his apprenticeship job, he helps to support his six family members. As for the future, the native Kwangwarian hopes to continue rehabilitation from his former behavioral and drug habits and “to become a businessman.”


Arnold enjoying a new book.

Arnold enjoying a new book.

Meet Arnold:  Arnold Kadege describes himself as a “happy but no nonsense” kind of guy. Since joining the apprenticeship team of Invite Hope, he feels more focused and notes that his peers have noticed this change in him. Arnold left school after 7th grade, never completing his formal education but took up boxing instead. Even though his fighting days are over, Arnold stays active with soccer. He relaxes by watching movies in his downtime. When at church, Arnold is diligent in his tasks and tries to encourage others to have the same work ethic. After graduating from the Invite Hope apprenticeship, Arnold hopes to pursue a career entrepreneurial philanthropy.