Purpose Meets Determination

Purpose Meets Determination

Human nature is driven by five basic needs: love and belonging, survival, power, freedom and fun. In most cases when love and a sense of belonging are taken away what is left behind can merely sustain you. You cannot thrive. Love has a way of transforming lives.

Meet Kevin Kiasi, or Keyo, a fully rehabilitated young adult who was once a struggling street child. He ran away from home due to the constant violence he experienced from his father.

He ran away from domestic abuse, but found a different kind of abuse in the streets. Keyo tells us that change is difficult, but often is essential to survival. He learned to survive the hard way. He got into bad company, was addicted to drugs and petty crime, and was arrested more times than he could count.

Keyo often convinced himself that nobody loved him or cared for him. Then, he met the FIKISHA team. All his life, he was treated as an outcast. All people and family he knew stayed far from him. At FIKISHA, things were different. Keyo was embraced and made part of our family. The small ounce of love and kindness he found here helped kick-start his journey to rehabilitation. Keyo attended classes and little-by-little he was able to fight off his addiction to the various drugs he was using.

Keyo believes it is never too late to begin the path to something better. He has even become instrumental in helping other street children escape the very thing he fought in his youth. He knows that a little kindness can go a long way and if every person showed just a little bit of it, the world would be transformed.

We thank Keyo for all he has given us. We are happy to call him part of the FIKISHA family.

“Let the children come to me, for the kingdom of God belongs to them,” Matthew 19:14.