School Makes All the Difference

School Makes All the Difference

All children have the right to an education, yet often school systems do not accommodate highly vulnerable street children who may need it the most.

Street children are routinely denied the opportunity to grow and develop through education due to a variety of barriers including discrimination and suspicion, unacceptability, and the lack of trained teachers or mentors to walk with them among other disadvantages. Not only do schools provide students with vital academic knowledge, but also vital problem solving skills. Students gain the ability to analyze and cope with life situations. Living as a young child on the street, often on your own, these skills are crucial for individuals to live up to their full potential.

Isaac Makati is a high school student who spent nine years on the streets of Nairobi. He says life on the streets took a huge toll on him mentally and physically. To cope, he turned to drugs. Despite all of this, Isaac connected with FIKISHA and is currently attending a boarding school, Dagoretti High School, within Nairobi. He is fully confident that being in school has helped him in the avoidance of drugs and rescued him from a life of hopelessness, misery and danger.

Some children live on the street full-time. Others spend their days on the street scavenging for anything in hopes of earning some income to support themselves and their families. Both full-time and part-time street children face similar challenges when it comes to accessing education.

FIKISHA continues to support children just like Isaac and helps them to receive education through scholarships, support, and guidance. Every child deserves to learn. Every child matters.


Story from Sharon Kiswa.