Sticking Together As Family

Sticking Together As Family

In African culture death brings people together. It is the time when you need family’s love and strength the most.

Family isn’t always about blood relations. Family is the people that surround you when you laugh so hard that your stomach hurts. Family is when you can let your tears flow freely, knowing someone cares and mourns with you. Family is the friendships that keep you going when you don’t have the strength to go yourself.  

The executive director of FIKISHA, Frank, experienced this kind of family love when street youth from the rehabilitation program paid him a visit after his sister passed away. He was overcome by the love these youth showed him. “This is a God given relationship,” was all Frank could say.

Frank believes that, “the love of family is life’s greatest blessing.”

How great is the Lord to surround us with so many souls that love all like family. How blessed are we to continue to grow our FIKISHA family everyday.