#ThrowbackThursday 2017 Highlights

Together we celebrate all the goodness and growth we found in 2017! Thank you for being a part of it! For our team, it was a period of deepening our relationships and growing our impact (And literally grow with the addition of 2 babies!). Through the growth of volunteers and the hours they gave we saw growth in the community members we were able to have an impact on. By having more community walkthroughs, love was brought to hurting families and everyday neighbors.

Last year, Kenya navigated a tense election period, but thankfully our team and youth were all safe. We also launched the 1000 Person Army and planned our trip for this coming April!  

We wanted to share some of those milestones because God made it all possible! He provided when we needed it and maximized every gift. He brought volunteers so we could double our community impact without adding costs and increased our local giving in Kenya, making another step toward sustainability. 

Our hearts are truly grateful for YOU being part of all this. You are the hands and feet of the action. YOU get to party with us 😉 Your investment in FIKISHA is more than an investment in a scholarship or a meal.  It’s the heart we are after! This year, we are once again driven to see hearts find healing and purpose.

Join us for another year of telling street kids they are loved and bringing light to dark places!