Walking in Faith

Walking in Faith

Walking through the streets of Kawangware, you never know what to expect. Mothers, fathers, traders, beggars, street children and the peddlers all have hidden stories. It is our delight to hear them all.

In most cases, people involved in criminal activity in the community are weary to share their story, dare they expose themselves to the public. However, on this particular day our team had a surprising chat with a group of young adults who were pegged as gamblers.

During our previous walk-through, a number of families had warned us of this particular group. They had been accused of many ills in the community. Remembering what the community had told us, we consciously tried to let go of all judgment when we met these men. Our team knew that walk-throughs would not foster anything good if we’re walking in judgment.

Talking to these men we focused on listening more and judging less. Soon, they told us their story. We saw how they were suffering from lack of trust from the community. They expressed their feelings of being sidelined from day to day, and they felt left out in progress. Yet despite all this, they believe in the power of optimism. They knew nothing could be done without hope and confidence, so they stood in hope that they would be engaged in community development sometime in the future.

We were surprised with our refreshing meeting with these men, and our team got invited to an even bigger meeting the following week. This group was an important example of walking free of judgment in faith and optimism.

Our FIKISHA team hopes to start a bible study with this group, to continue to walk in witness of the transformation of these men’s lives as they continue to follow hope and experience the joy of the Lord.