We Have a Big Goal (Celebrating 10 years of Service!)

We’re Celebrating 10 Years of Service!

June has hit us with waves of nostalgia and excitement!  Thinking that a group of California college kids had their worlds shifted by meeting this little boy.

No longer the small, disheartened boy who periodically dropped by the church. Issac studied, caught up in school and finished his secondary education! Now he’s working in town and volunteering to help other youth!

He led the way for over 50 other street kids (boys and girls!) to attend school over the past decade.

We’ve stayed pretty small because it really is like a family, where our staff/mentors are many times the guardians for these students. Going on school visits, making sure they study, shopping for new shoes and helping them resolve conflict. These tight relationships are still our heart and we are committed to keep that going!

In addition to scholarships, we’ve continued our outreach program and school assemblies known as FIKISHA Club. We’ve also started running camps, doing community walkthroughs, and hosting small groups. Read more on our Programs Page.

In full transparency, God has blessed us to do all of this with an annual budget of about $90,000. That budget is mostly from individuals and a few church partners! THANK YOU!


*We have kind of a crazy goal: 100 new monthly donors in the next 100 days*

FIKISHA still operates pretty grassroots, meaning we don’t have a lot of admin or overhead, so maintaining gifts LITERALLY can be the difference between sleeping indoors or not.


If you are already a monthly supporter, please share FIKISHA with a friend and share how much of an impact they could have on youth living on the street.  

Also, share on social media! Download this picture for an Insta Story or post.

We’re calling the fun side of this “Fikisha 10 for 10”

For the next 100 days (or until we get 100 new donors) we are going to post someone in our FIKISHA family doing something 10 times*. You can be one of those people! Just tag us in your post OR send us the video and we will share it! It’s a fun way to share the celebration!

*to clarify, just video yourself doing anything 10 times, you can do 10 jumping jacks, 10 cartwheels, read 10 lines of Shakespeare, 10 high fives, eating 10 chicken nuggets… you get the idea. Check out our sample post here.*

Be sure to #FIKISHA10for10

When you share, here are some highlights: 

  • Because of FIKISHA, kids used to be on the street, now they are not. They used to think they were alone, now they are sure they have a family. They used to lack hope, now have not only found hope but share it with others.
  • Your dollars are literally multiplied because our staff are able to recruit and train local volunteers. Last year we had over 13 THOUSAND volunteer hours! (Compared to only 4 paid staff!)
  • It takes just $100/month to FULLY FUND a scholarship (School, shelter, food, and support) for a youth currently sleeping on the street. If you can’t do the full amount, that’s ok! You can take on a week at just $25.
  • It takes just $35 to make sure the doors are open to youth for our 3x weekly outreach program! They have the chance to do shower, do laundry, meet with their mentor, and eat a hot meal.
  • Monthly donors help us set our budget and know what to expect. We also can pay school fees ahead of time. It’s also a great way to remember to pray for us each month! 


If you’re not yet a monthly donor, prayerfully consider becoming one. 

No amount is too small if you share our heart that no child deserves to grow up on the street.  You may not be able to go to Kenya or volunteer, but you can financially empower whole community development in Kawangware.

Your gift can make sure high-risk youth are SEEN, cared for and supported, as well as working with the community to break the cycle that is putting youth on the street.

(Then do your #FIKISHA10for10 video and send it in!)