June 18, 2012


Street Youth Outreach: Mentorship Program & Sunday Tea

On Tuesdays & Fridays, the mentors meet with the street youth for group counseling, Bible study & a meal. Games, crafts & music are also typically involved! Additionally, every Sunday, Kawangware Lutheran Church welcomes the community for tea & a special worship service led by the mentors.

Street Scholarships

Education is a major step toward change. Help street youth go back to school through the Street Scholar Fund! Scholarships provide education, housing, meals and all school supplies including uniforms. Additionally, youth are partnered with a team member to walk out the journey. All of this happens for $100 a month! Become a monthly donor in any amount to see more street youth in school. 


Our Team is joined by volunteer leaders to visit local schools and encourage the students. Our aim is to help keep children in school and build a community of young leaders.

One of our special sites is a girls juvenile remand center. With a difficult past, these young girls are taken far from their families to a correctional program. The program provides education and support to grow and heal. Our team was approached and asked to visit them regularly, share love and mentor them! 

Community Walkthroughs

To love the community well, we have to know it!  Volunteers join to get to know our Kawangware neighbors and their needs. We create friendships and help where we can. Read a cool story about a powerful walkthrough! 

Vocational Training & Continuing Education

Older street youth are receiving job skills training & apprenticeships from FIKISHA’s partner organizations in Nairobi.